Auckland Aventure Capital

New Zealand is often known as the adventure capital around the globe and Auckland is absolutely no exception. Leaping off New Zealand’s highest tower, trekking to the peak of volcanoes, jumping off the bridge, going up the bridge, island destinations, abseiling, kayaking – there are lots of adventure activities in Auckland for the outdoorsy traveler or adrenaline enthusiast. Listed here are five adventure activities in Auckland which are sure to make your heart beating faster.

1. Canyoning in Piha

Canyoning is actually a sport which mixes abseiling, cliff leaping, swimming, sliding as well as climbing all through canyons, falls as well as pools. Piha is situated about one hour coming from Auckland and located inside the spectacular Waitakere Ranges. Piha Canyon is definitely the best spot for testing your courage and in the tour, works as an adventure playground for grown persons. You can find the half day and full day tours offered which include transfer back and forth from Auckland’s CBD. Definitely not for the faint hearted!

2. Auckland Harbour Bridge Bungee

Are you aware that Auckland Harbour Bridge is in fact composed of three bridges? The bridge was very well-known at the time it first opened up which 2 ‘clip on’ side lanes were attached to the main bridge. In real New Zealand style, you could also bungee jump coming from the bridge. AJ Hackett New Zealand have numerous bungee zones in the area and the Harbour Bridge is the single spot in New Zealand in which you could as well go for an ocean dip. The walk across the Bridge to the bungee pod is electrifying, providing incredible sights of Auckland city as well as Waitemata Harbour. The jump is 40 meters high and it was at this spot which the legend himself, AJ Hackett, was caught around 1987 for leaping off the bridge at the time the sport wasn’t officially legal.

3. Skydive over Auckland

Jump out of the nicely great plane? Why not! In case you think about yourself an adventure junkie, then chances are you already have skydiving on your bucket list (or have checked it off two times already). Skydive Auckland provide the highest skydive around New Zealand – an impressive 16,500ft! The drop zone provides incredible sights of Auckland’s west and east coast and definitely, the metropolis and encompassing islands. A necessity!

4. Jetboat

This is a quick and exciting method to discover Auckland’s Waitemata Harbour. The Jet boating journey will take about 35 to 40 minutes while you zoom around at 100 km/hr! Auckland Jet Boat Tours run every day – a must try!

5. Sky Tower, SkyJump & SkyWalk

New Zealand’s highest tower provides excellent photo opportunities of the metropolis. Admission to Auckland’s Sky Tower is affordable however if you simply are trying to find views along with a thrill – choose the SkyWalk or SkyJump! The SkyWalk could have you walking on the Sky Tower within a platform without any rails (you’re harnessed obviously). The guides urge you to lean around the side and try out numerous methods which will get your heart beating. The harness is connected to your back while you’re walked into the very side of the platform, looking over the town streets underneath. The SkyJump is definitely frightening – a unique New Zealand must-do activity!